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Poker Online  is a card game that I think every people in the world know about it. As time fly, poker has been the largest card game and it has a tournament also. Poker is a strategic game, need a focus and extra work on brain. This is not a usual fun games. 

Situs Poker Online in Indonesia have always used transactions via bank transfers, where the system has some fundamental weaknesses. As you all know, banks have different online and offline hours. In addition there are also several banks that often experience interference. This is certainly annoying especially when we really want to play.

Currently there is a solution for 24 hour online deposit without interruption and without offline hours. Deposit via Telkomsel credit is one alternative solution for those of you who want to play without knowing the bank hours offline. The transaction is also quite easy and very safe. All that needs to be done is just come to confirm first to the livechat service of the destination site to request the Telkomsel airport number, then you can fill the deposit by transferring credit to the number that has been given, can via MKios, or by transferring credit, after that save SN (serial number) or sender's number, and confirm again via livechat.

Charging a deposit through Telkomsel credit pulse is subject to a 20% discount according to the rate of Telkomsel, so if you send a credit of 100,000, the deposit that will enter your account is 80%, which is 80,000.